Day in the Life: Jake Krakovsky

Jake Krakovsky is a senior theater major from Atlanta, Ga. He has taken on many roles with Theater Emory including his turn as Malcolm in the upcoming production of “Macbeth.” In addition to his acting work, Jake is currently working on an honors thesis exploring Holocaust comedy.

9:00 AM – Wakey wakey, mornin’ Jakey! Waking up is the hardest part of my day, every day. I think to myself, “If I succeed in this monumental task, if I can rend myself from the world of dreams and once again enter the realm of the living–what can’t I achieve?”

10:00 AM – Stagecraft. I spent half of class working on a woodworking project with the jigsaw and half working on the Macbeth set. I’ve never helped to build a set before, let alone one on which I would later perform. Cool beans!

CostumeFitting1:00 PM – Today is my costume fitting for Macbeth. Designer Alan Yeong has created a visual world that marries traditional military and Scottish imagery with a more futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic. Wouldn’t you be terrified if this came charging at you with a broadsword?

2:00 PM – This past summer, alongside some of my closest friends and artistic collaborators, I independently produced Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. The project was funded in part by Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory (SIRE) and today I presented our work at a research symposium.

6:00 PM – Time for Macbeth rehearsal! We started off today with what we in “the biz” call “table work.” Here Seth Langer (Angus) and I are deep in thought over the scansion of a particularly difficult line of Shakespearean verse. Or something.

7:30 PM – Student actors Walid Said (Sergeant/Murderer) and Tom Zhang (Fleance/Young Siward) take some time during a 10-minute break to practice for an upcoming scene.

8:00 PM – For busy theater students, every moment is precious. So while Nysa Loudon (Ross) is off-stage, she goes over lines, reads for English class, and does homework for her Theater History class. Oh, that hanging above her? That’s a bustle that she’s sewing for Starving Artist Productions’ Stardust, opening this Thursday. Theater Student Extraordinaire!

9:00 PM – Spoiler alert: this show gets a little  violent. While props designer Sara Culpepper is putting the finishing touches on Macbeth’s severed head, we’re using this one made for TE’s production The Lieutenant of Inishmore. It’s modeled after the handsome head of my dear friend, alumn Tim Harland. It’s great having you in the rehearsal hall with us, Tim!

10:00 PM – I scamper out of Macbeth rehearsal over to the Rich Memorial Building–I’ve got Rathskellar rehearsal. Rathskellar is Emory’s only improv troupe, of which I have been a proud member for almost 5 years now. In this photo, I’m up to some kind of hi-jinks with Julia Weeks and Josh Jacobs. I can’t tell you quite what, but I can assure you it was hilarious.

1:00 AM – A day in the life of a theater student is a long one. I haven’t finished all the honors research I’d like, but baby needs his beauty rest–and I’m baby. Plus, I’ve got Fitness for Dancers at 9 AM. Goodnight, internet!



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