Pig Iron workshop: Something from Nothing


Alex Torra and Dito van Reigersberg from Philadelphia’s internationally acclaimed “dance-clown-theatre-ensemble,” Pig Iron Theatre Company came to Emory this April to conduct their “Something from Nothing” workshop with theater students and alumni.


During the week long workshop, attendees learned the process of creating an ensemble-based work of theater through Pig Iron’s tried-and-true creation processes. Participants were given performance assignments to be solved as an assignment. Playwriting and directing duties were shared among the ensemble, and decisions were made collaboratively.


Pig Iron emphasizes generating original material, physicalizing characters and theatrical ideas, structuring group improvisations into finished pieces and the role music and rhythm play in theatrical creation. Participants will work on taking material developed through improvisation and turning it into pieces that are precise, full, exuberant, and moving. The workshop culminated in an open showing of short works created over the course of the program exploring a theme given to participants by Alex and Dito: “So…This is how it ends.” Workshop participants included current students Jake Krakovsky, Lauren Levitt, Kelly Spicer, TC Kinser, Walid Said and alumni Nicholas Surbey, Emma Yarbrough, and Rachel Shuey.

Alex and Dito from Pig Iron with the workshop participants.

For more information on Pig Iron Theatre company and their training programs at the Pig Iron School, visit their website and facebook page.




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