A day in the life: Jemma Giberson

Jemma Giberson is a Sophomore International Studies major from Portland, Oregon and plays Lulu in “A Pinter Kaleidoscope,” opening October 31, 2014 in the Mary Gray Munroe theater. We followed Jemma for one day, giving us a glimpse into the life of a student actor with Theater Emory.

8:15 AM – Rise and shine! It’s way too early for a Saturday morning but I have to be at my sorority lodge by 9 a.m. to help make pancakes for the Parents’ Weekend Pancake brunch we’re hosting. I can’t cook anything that isn’t made in a microwave so I’ll just stand in the background and provide moral support.

Photo by Laila Goharioon
Photo by Laila Goharioon

11:00 AM – Now I’m off to the Oxford Road building to help register parents for all the events going on this weekend. I was an Orientation Leader this fall and we’re all helping out around campus for Parents’ Weekend. Here I am modeling a tenet of Orientation Leader etiquette: the “Two Finger Point.” Never, ever, ever point to anything with just one finger!

1:00 PM – Time to head to the MGM Theater for the start of tech weekend. It’s going to be a long day in the theater but we start off by running all the individual PoG Tracks (If you come see the show, you’ll understand what that means!) and making sure there are no major issues before we start adding in all the video and lighting elements.

Photo by Ryan Kelly
Photo by Ryan Kelly

4:00 PM – Meal Break! After a lovely catered dinner (thanks Friends of Theater Emory!) I might have taken an unintentional nap out on the MGM loading dock….

Photo by Ryan Kelly
Photo by Ryan Kelly

6:00 PM – Back into rehearsal! Here’s a super cool picture courtesy of student actor Ryan Kelly featuring Geoffrey Solomon, Cameron Frostbaum, and Parker Ciliax. And if you think this looks cool, you should see the rest of the show. No really, you should. 

11:00 PM – Rehearsal is over and it’s off to bed. Gotta rest up after a long day and in preparation for opening week!


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